Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare 2007 Scholarship



Two scholarships will be awarded for the 2007-2008 school year to students who live or work in the service area of the Rotary Club of Chicago-O’Hare. Each scholarship is in the amount of $3000.00. Students attending a junior college are eligible for half the scholarship amount. A scholarship may be used for tuition only and will be paid directly to the school attended by a scholarship winner. All other expenses will be the responsibility of the scholarship winner.


Applicants must live or work in the service area

of the Rotary Club of Chicago-O’Hare or have a parent or guardian who works full-time in the Club’s service area. The Club’s service area is O’Hare Airport, Schiller Park, Rosemont, and a portion of northwest Chicago. All applicants must graduate in 2007 and enter an accredited college or university no later than the fall of 2007.


The scholarships will be awarded to students who, in the opinion of the Scholarship Committee, best fulfill the following criteria:

1) Show the greatest promise for continued success.

2) Require financial assistance to continue their education.

3) Display traits that reflect the ideals of Rotary:

a) Truthfulness

b) Fairness to all.

c) Promotion of goodwill and better friendship.

d) Working toward the benefit of all.

The deadline for applications and supporting documents is April 6, 2007. Students attending East Leyden High School should submit applications to the Counseling Office; all others should be mailed to:

Scholarship Committee

Rotary Club of Chicago-O’Hare

P.O. Box 2117

Schiller Park, IL 60176

The Scholarship Committee will contact finalists for a personal interview. To download an application, click here!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 22 Speaker

Daniel M. Myers"Winston Churchill's Life: An Executive Success Story"

The life of Winston Churchill personifies the principles of executive success as spelled out by Peter Drucker. This talk illuminates the life of this great man and illustrates the principles of executive success.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Feeding the Children Worldwide

On March 8, the Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare worked with Feeding the Children Worldwide and packed over 2100 meals that will be shipped to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The members of the club packed the different ingredients including rice, soy, vitamins, and dehydrated vegetables into packets. The packets were then sealed the packets and we boxed the packets within 40 minutes.

Club member Eldon Tracy is the Executive Director of Feeding the Children Worldwide, Feeding the Children focuses on providing nutritious meals and humanitarian aid to children and their families around the world. The club has supported Eldon's efforts for the previous five years.

As always, there was fun, laughter and hardwork as the club worked together. This is a great project and we look forward to working with Eldon and Feeding the Children Worldwide in the future.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Beyond the O'Hare Rotary Club

Rotary is not just about the O'Hare Rotary Club. Attached is the link for District 6450's newsletter.

district 6450 newsletter

October 12, 2006 Chicago O'Hare Rotary Club

The October 12, 2006 speaker for the Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare will be Nancy Pendergrass of the Cathedral Shelter. Please remember that lunch begins at 12:00PM and is held at the Great Escape on Irving Park in Schiller Park, IL.

This is some information on the Cathedral Shelter.

"Restoring hope and dignity has been at the heart of Cathedral Shelter of Chicago's mission since the agency was founded in 1915. As a storefront mission to the poor of the Near West Side, Cathedral Shelter—a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago—offered food and hope to the homeless and hungry. Five years later, Canon David Gibson reached out to those suffering from addiction.
Drawing on state-of-the-art recovery theory, Cathedral Shelter constantly seeks new ways to reach out in compassion. In 1953, Cathedral Shelter established itself as a pioneer in addiction treatment when it opened Higgins House, the state's first residential treatment facility for men in recovery and among the first in the nation.
Building on its reputation as a compassionate and effective social innovator, Cathedral Shelter opened Cressey House in 1998, a supportive housing program for individuals and single parents in recovery. The 27-apartment facility is among only a handful of programs in the Midwest that allow homeless women and men to live with their children while continuing addiction treatment. Not only do these men and women remain in recovery, they are supported by literacy, life skills and employment programs that enable them to take the next step toward independence. Located under one roof, the agency's counseling, educational, job preparation and emergency services provide the emotional and spiritual support to help people move beyond poverty and addiction."
"Our Mission is to minister with love and compassion among and with the most vulnerable of our community - particularly those who suffer from addiction - through crisis intervention, addiction recovery, community assistance and life skills development."

Monday, October 02, 2006

October 5, 2005 speaker will be Mr. Phil Landers

Mr. Phil Landers will be speaking to the Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare on October 5 about purchasing new cars. He will teach us the Top Ten Tricks that New Car Dealers Use. His website is .

Our President Glenn Spachman will not be at the meeting so Robert Hann our President Elect will be leading the meeting.

O'Hare Safety Expo and the Rotary Club of O'Hare

The Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare will be out in force at the O'Hare Safety Expo on October 4, 2006 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. We will have a booth at the expo in order to pass out information on our scholarships and membership. Scholarship information can be downloaded at the website It should be a great chance to promote our fantastic scholarships for children of employees at O'Hare. I hope we can recruit some new members as well!

Rotary Foundation - 9/28

Assistant Governor Dave Woodcock spoke to the Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare regarding the benefits of donating to the Rotary Foundation. Dave did a wonderful job!

Rotary encourages its members to donate $100 per year into the foundation. The donations are then kept on hand for 3 years before they can be distributed. Fifty percent of the money goes back to the local level and fifty percent goes to help the world fund.

Projects that have gotten funding include Polio Plus, humanitarian services, and Rotary Centers for International Studies which promotes peace.

Monday, September 25, 2006

September 28, 2006 Discussion - The Rotary Foundation

This week at lunch, The Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare will discuss the Rotary Foundation. Below is information that I copied from the Rotary International website

About The Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. It is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.

The Foundation was created in 1917 by Rotary International's sixth president, Arch C. Klumph, as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world." It has grown from an initial contribution of US$26.50 to more than US$117.9 million contributed in 2004-05. Its event-filled history is a story of Rotarians learning the value of service to humanity.

The Foundation's Humanitarian Programs fund international Rotary club and district projects to improve the quality of life, providing health care, clean water, food, education, and other essential needs primarily in the developing world. One of the major Humanitarian Programs is PolioPlus, which seeks to eradicate the poliovirus worldwide. Through its Educational Programs, the Foundation provides funding for some 1,200 students to study abroad each year. Grants are also awarded to university teachers to teach in developing countries and for exchanges of business and professional people. Former participants in the Foundation's programs have the opportunity to continue their affiliation with Rotary as Foundation Alumni.

For more information on current Foundation program awards and financial status see the Rotary Foundation Fact Card and the Rotary Foundation Annual Report, both of which are available for download.

Why Join Rotary?

By Barbara LaSpesa

Some people call Rotary a club, an organization, a bunch of old men having lunch while writing a check to a good cause every so often to make themselves feel good. Wrong, Rotary is a way of life, a way to look at the world, a way to realize no matter how bad things get in your own life, there are people who have got it worse, and you have the power to help.

A bunch of old men? No, not that either, the Chicago O'Hare Rotary has both men and women, from ages 26 up. For every age and gender the mission of service above remains the same.Our club's job is to find things in the world, things that we think we can change, improve and/or just help with and pull together money, talent, and a bit of sweat to make the world a better place.

Our members support a Literacy program for a low-income Pilsen School. We've handed out new books to kids from 1st through 8th grade. We award several scholarships for worthy students in the O'Hare area yearly. The list goes on.

Want to make more of a global impact? Great! In 1988 Rotary International committed to wiping Polio from the face of the earth. Now we are down from thousands of cases in dozens of countries to dozens of cases in a handful of counties. Finally, if you are not sure of the mission of our club, it is pretty simple. It is the strength of each member, the flexibility of our club, and cohesiveness of our organization that allow those with a burning desire to make a difference to make our club their own.